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Are you interested in becoming a barbecue judge in the FPBS?  Have you ever watched a BBQ cook-off on television, or gone to one of these live events and thought that judges at these events had the best job in the world? Well here is your chance to just that. However, to get one of these coveted non-paying positions you have to become a Certified BBQ Judge.

If you compete or are thinking of competing in a BBQ competition, you can learn what goes on in the judge’s tent. Learn what is expected from your turn-in plate and how to prepare to better prepare yourself.

Judges at the May Day Cook-Off in DeFuniak Springs

Tom Harden gives Judging Class to FPBS Judges

The class was Held before the Triple-B Cook-Off  on Saturday morning.  It was completed in order to receive FPBS certification. Tom Harden, certified Master Judge with the  Kansas City BBQ Society led the judges through a couple of  hours of lecture & hands-on instruction and Southern charm to demystify the art of ranking barbecue in FPBS competition.

Hardin's instruction demonstrated that subjectivity is inevitably a part of scoring. Knowing that marks for taste would be weighted twice as heavily as marks for texture and four times as heavily as marks for appearance, we were tasked with tempering our subjective understanding with an agreed set of technical standards.

Having Tom on the FPBS team is a step forward to making the quality of judging in the FPBS as good as it gets. Tom will be giving his next workshop before the FWB BBQ in September. The FPBS are looking to develop a first rate judging team for the future.

We want to thank Jim & Judy Remsburg, Rick & Edi Downs, Scott Embree, Justin Bigham, Richard Ullrich, Anthony Chance, Ellis Porch, Rebecca Martin, Dave Curren & Ken Jackson for stepping up to become new judges and members of the FPBS.



The Next Judging Class

March 29, 9am in the Judging Tent at The Triple-B Crestview.

Email: to get a seat or get more details.     

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The FPBS is now Operating Three BBQ competitions during the year in the Florida Panhandle. We need members to assist with operations and enjoy the events. If you would like to become a FPBS barbecue judge we will train you.

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