Ribs Box



The box should not look crowded. You can eliminate down to eight separate pieces. Think of the color which should be deep red, but you need to also see the meat.  It should look appealing to you.




These ribs are uniform in size and have a good glaze to show them off to the judges. Remember you need to present the ribs as appealing to the eye.

Brisket Box



Well, the meat should not look dry.  Each slice should be uniform in size.  It must not look like it was thrown together.


The slices I turn in will be from the flat, and since no rub or smoke is going to penetrate through the point, through the line of fat between the muscles, and into the flat, I only trim enough fat off the end of the point to give me enough of that muscle with good bark to make burnt ends to put in the box with my slices. The rest of the fat cap I leave on, to retain moisture and to act as a heat barrier.

You should remove the big hunk of fat on the thick end of the brisket where the two muscles meet, and I actually cut in a couple of inches between the flat and point to make separating them later a little easier.  I trim down both sides of the brisket to remove any browned or otherwise ugly looking meat.  I sometimes cut off the thin end of the flat perpendicular to the grain, so I’ll know the direction of my slicing later. It’s hard to see once the bark develops.  Finally, I remove any loose or hard pieces of fat from the top of the flat.  Here’s how it should look all trimmed up.

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