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The ideal backyard barbecue party starts with a little planning and preparation. You need your guests to have a great time! Take your time and plan, because poor planning will be the demise of the party! Begin planning your ultimate backyard barbecue with these tips. 1. Make a guests list of those you want to invite and put together a mouth-watering menu with selections that may appeal to everyone. 2. Pick a theme for your backyard barbecue and select decorations and party invites. 3. Do your shopping well in advance and ensure you have a good supply of propane or charcoal for the grill. You do not want to be sending somebody to the store in the middle of the festivities! Have an additional cooler to keep drinks prepared with ice and available for your visitors.


Get your groceries a day in advance, place your selected slices of meat, trimmed of fat, into re-sealable plastic bags and cover with marinate, then place bags in the fridge and continue to turn every couple of hours. You are about there! On the day of the barbecue you can wish to call your visitors to approve the time and the directions to your house. Decorate the terrace area and set up volleyball or badminton net, chairs, tables, coolers, and a receptacle for trash. Little mosquito lamps or citronella candles near seating areas and tiki torches across the yard will keep the insects away and out of your guests' food. To keep you from running backwards and forwards to the kitchen while dinner is burning on the grill, prepare cooking ingredients in convenient storage boxes and set them close to the griddle when you start cooking.

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 To the traditionalist barbecuing signifies slow cooking and this usually includes employing a smoker, or possibly a grill with a tight fitting lid and large surfaces so it’s possible to separate the food from the heat. You achieve this by lighting a fire on just one side of the grill. This produces a section of low heat (the side without any fire, be it from wood or briquettes) that lets you implement the objective... The objective is to get all of the flavorful ingredients into the meat before the surface layer is cooked sufficiently to seal the inside. Rubs, sauces, the meats surface fat and the meat’s juices intermingle with the heat and smoke to create a symphony of effects within the meat. Surface fat melts away and the particles become part of the external layer. The marbled fat in the interior also liquefies and does much the same thing.



Once everything is melting and getting hot, the conditions are right for the spread of flavor compounds throughout the meat. If you’re preparing a fine steak, everything except the very center of the meat will be a recipient of what was once on the surface. If you’re cooking chicken, anything on the outside of the meat just beneath the skin makes its way inwards. A thin layer of fat on a pork chop will spread into the middle.

The next stage is a time consuming one during which the actual cooking occurs. As the interior temperature of the meat climbs towards 200F (93C), proteins break down and become amino acids. Sugars convert into particles that add a sweet taste. Salt is ionized and enzymes increase their activity. The final effect of this fired up chemical process is to transform raw meat into a delectable entree.

Throughout this stage, smoke from any wood which has been added gives additional flavor to the finished product. The meat seals itself and internal juices are preserved. When the interior temperature of the meat gets to 200F (93C), it’s set to be taken off the smoker or grill.

Your meat is not yet entirely finished cooking. While it cools down, there is still sufficient internal heat to keep altering the structure of the meat slightly. Throughout this stage, your meat can become even tenderer, creating a most satisfying outcome. When the internal temperature has decreased to less than 165F (74C), it’s time to dish it up. Cut off a small piece and check the color. Beef should be a dark red, and chicken should have become white and any juices should now be clear. Pork should be a grayish white. The flavor should be delicate and the texture easy to chew.

Barbecues have been a common thing in the lives of many North Americans for many years now. For a lot of the population using a grill is an essential part of cooking outside, and for the hard core grillers almost all year its barbecues all the way.

Check-out my new recipes I have collected on the FPBS website, and start plans on trying the new ones. We collect recipes from all over the world by means of the internet and from other sources. I send a lot of recipes out to our members though the FPBS Newsletter. Barbecues are always a good fun family event; try something new at your next function...


Finish any last minute preparations and greet your visitors with a grin. Try and keep everybody engaged and having a nice time, and by all possible means let them help if they would like!  Now chill and enjoy your backyard barbecue and everybody who has come to share it with you!




Your Host Colin and Ida in backyard doing what we enjoy.




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